• “Nicole and Heath’s years of instructing and practicing bodywork lend to their compassionate insight and dynamic delivery of Thai Yoga Massage and Craniosacral Therapy.”
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Heath and Nicole team-teach fresh and inspiring techniques that "Feel Good to Give and Feel Good to Receive" while emphasizing that "Presence is More Important than Technique".

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Heath and Nicole Reed, leading industry experts in bodywork education, have studied at the feet of some of the greatest masters of healing, yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. They have team-taught healing practices at local and national events since 2000... Read More
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From Our Blog “Healing Matters”

Casual Discipline January 12, 2015
Have you ever heard the expression, "Casual Discipline"? This year, I have been invited to treat myself with casual discipline. Up to this point, I had never heard of such a notion. I was immediately intrigued and like a fish, I took a nibble. Now I am in: hook, line and sinker. Though, initially I wanted to know more and figure out what does this expression really mean. I looked up the meaning of both these words and found myself delighted by their associations. So, according to the internet, discipline is defined as a practice; a training that improves skill. Casual is defined as relaxed, friendly, and easy-going. Combine the two words and you have a friendly, easy-going practice. I can do that :) Another more familiar expression comes to mind: practice makes perfect, though I disagree. Practice doesn't make perfect but rather "Practice Makes Permanent." If I repeatedly practice yoga with poor form, for example, I'll hurt myself. Or if in my massage practice I made it a habit to stack my shoulder over my elbow while using a forearm technique, I will be reinforcing healthy body mechanics and protect myself from injury. Why would I ever do anything else but take care of myself?? This year my resolution is to have an easy-going practice treating myself with friendliness. This year I will do my best to choose foods, relationships, and postures, that are friendly and regularly asking: Am I Being Kind to Myself? ....Read More

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I would recommend this seminar to anyone interested in body mechanics. It taught me more about leverage and energy lines than I’ve ever had former knowledge of. — -D.C., LMT in Denver, CO

Nicole and Heath are amazing instructors! They teach Thai Yoga Massage and Craniosacral in a way that gives students an in-depth understanding of the power of this work and the confidence to utilize the practical tools immediately. — CG Funk, LMT, Vice President of Industry Relations and Product Development for Massage Envy

I enjoyed the practice of Qigong and awareness exercises. It provided a complete and healing experience. — R.P., LMT in Mesa, AZ

Heath and Nicole inspired my imagination to be a more loving and effective therapist.” — K.M., LMT in Tahoe, NV

This was one of the most educational, most fun, and most useful training I’ve received since getting into bodywork. — S.H., LMT in St. George, UT

Heath and Nicole Reed completely embody the integration of Mind, Body and Spirit, and convey the principles of Thai Yoga Massage in a very gentle and easily understandable way. I highly recommend their classes, especially for therapists that are new to Thai Massage. We look forward to their next presentation with eager anticipation! — Dan Mohr, LMT and owner of Milagro Wellness in Denver, CO

You worked so wonderfully with my limitations and did not make me feel at all out of place. — P.T., LMT in Phoenix, AZ

Nicole and Heath’s years of instructing and practicing bodywork lend to their compassionate insight and dynamic delivery of Thai Yoga Massage and Craniosacral Therapy. — Lorraine Park, Vice President of Spas for the Remington Hospitality Services.